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    Steep Slope Roofing

    Residential Steep Slope Roofing

    Residential steep slope roofing is becoming increasingly popular in new home construction. If you’re considering a steep slope design, or deciding to re-roof an existing home, remember Jayson Global provides one of the largest choices of residential roofing systems in Edmonton.

    Our residential customers are offered only the highest quality products and service when they are looking to install their steep slope roof; not only do we offer a variety of products, we also offer services such as roof inspections, roof replacement, preventative maintenance programs and roof repair work to all of our property owners in Edmonton and area.

    Surviving the extreme weather conditions in Edmonton is essential for any residential roof, so to battle the effects of snow, rain, and thunderstorms, Jayson Global should be your first call.

    Residential Steep Slope Roofing Installation

    Jayson Global has over three decades of experience in roofing and exteriors. We can handle your home as well as any project that involves a steep slope roofing installation, such as garages, residential property, extensions or conversions.

    Our products are guaranteed to keep you covered for many years to come.  The materials we utilize for the steep slope roofing installation include asphalt shingles, concrete or clay tiles, slate, wood shakes and wood shingles and stone coated metal roof systems. While the quality of the material is an important part in a watertight roof installation, it also needs to be combined with excellent workmanship and Jayson Global offers both. Whatever your roofing requirements, we have the workforce and the experience to complete your steep slope roofing installation. Our skilled craftsmen have the knowledge to handle any roofing project in the Edmonton area.

    Steep Slope Roofing Repairs

    Although steep slope roofs are more resistant to leaks because water doesn’t pool, all roofs are occasionally susceptible to water penetration.

    More often than not the average householder will not be able to determine a potential leaking roof until the inevitable occurs. The extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow, rainfall and seasonal freeze and thaw cycles can damage your roof over the course of a short period of time if not maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

    Common trouble spots are water stains on a ceiling, unexplained mould or odours inside the building; this will indicate that your roof area may be starting to show signs of problems appearing on the main roof area. With a regular inspection these issues can be dealt with prior to the damage becoming a major issue and causing interior damage to ceilings, carpets or soft furnishings.

    Should your steep slope roof fail due to lack of maintenance and inspection, Jayson Global are just a phone call away. We will respond to your call and send out a skilled roofing team to investigate the issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

    Roof Inspection

    Don’t delay, take action today and ask for your roofing inspection report. Remember, roofs need to be checked on a regular basis, so why not opt for one of our regular maintenance packages.

    Inspections should take place in the spring to check for any damage from the winter so roof repairs can be completed during the summer months. The second inspection is in the fall making sure the roof is in good condition for the winter.

    A basic roof inspection includes:

    • Check areas for any ridging or blisters to the main roof areas
    • Check up-stand or curb areas for ridging or blisters
    • B-vents, goosenecks and plumbing stacks are secured to the roof area
    • Drain cages are cleaned of debris
    • Caulking on counter flashings, brick and hardware are inspected
    • Metal work is inspected for wind damage


    As one of the larger roofing companies in Edmonton, we can deal with all commercial roofing and exteriors projects through our commercial division and residential roofing and exterior requirements through our residential division. Our main number for all your enquiries is 780.438.0331 or simply send us an email.

    We are fully insured and carry full up-to-date Workers’ Compensation Board coverage (WCB) for all of our experienced roofing technicians. You will receive a full workmanship warranty on your roofing system, giving you complete peace of mind. Our testimonials page features reviews from just a few of our satisfied customers and we are featured on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.