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    Types of Roofing

    The decision has been made to install or replace your roof. Now, you have to decide which type of roof would best suit your needs. With the advancements and innovations in today’s roofing market, there has never been a wider selection of roofing options to choose from.

    Fortunately, the experts at Jayson Global know which considerations to discuss to help you arrive at the perfect roofing solution. From function and form to traffic and budget, the Jayson Global team will help you choose a system from these solid options:

    Asphalt Shingles: attractive, easy to install, durable and versatile. Little wonder it’s the most popular roofing material in Canada.

    Flat Roofing: found on residential and commercial buildings, flat roofs have several options and require professional attention to detail to ensure a successful application. From the classic BUR (Built Up Roofing – also known as Tar and Gravel) to the ultra modern TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) and several options in between, there is a roof for every need and budget.

    Metal Decking: Metal decking and metal cladding are inexpensive ways of giving your home or business a very specific look. Our metal decking and metal cladding options are both functional and dynamic.

    Metal Roofing: made from recycled material, metal roofing is environmentally friendly. It may be a more expensive option up front, but it lasts for decades and will save you money on heating and air conditioning because of its insulation value.

    Specialty Sloped Roofing: maybe you’re in the market for a truly original roof – Stone Coated Steel, Concrete Tile, Enviroshake or even a Rubber roof. Our team of experts can help you make the perfect choice combining form, function and style.

    Low Slope Roofing: this is one of the most popular styles of roofs being installed in Edmonton today for many reasons. They’re functional, versatile and affordable.

    Steep Slope Roofing: found primarily on residential roofs, steep slope roofing offers its own set of challenges. We’re up to those challenges and will install the ideal roof to keep you safe from the elements.

    Why Choose Jayson Global?

    Whichever roof you choose, know that you can count on Jayson Global for a new roof installation, roof repair or a full roof replacement. We use top quality, proven materials that are designed for Alberta’s harsh and ever-changing conditions

    As one of the larger roofing companies in Edmonton, we can deal with all commercial roofing or exteriors projects through our commercial division. Our residential division will also be able to handle the roofing and siding requirements for your home. Our number for all your enquiries is 780.438.0331 or simply send us an email.

    We are fully ensured and carry full up-to-date Workers’ Compensation Board coverage (WCB) for all of our experienced roofing technicians. You will receive a full workmanship warranty on your roofing system, giving you complete peace of mind. Our testimonials page features reviews from just a few of our satisfied customers and we are featured on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.