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    Wolf Willow, Edmonton, AB

    Roof System: Cedar Shake Repair
    Previous Roofing System: Cedar Shake
    Location: Wolf Willow, Edmonton, AB
    Approximate Roof Area: 100 sqft

    Cedar Shake Roof Repair in Edmonton

    We found two issues during our inspection of the leak: the flashing behind the chimney was holding water, and was extensively caulked to hold water out; and the top of the chimney had concave areas in the concrete cap, which were also holding water.

    We determined two repairs were required. Since the chimney was seven feet wide, it was necessary to build a roof saddle for redirecting water around the chimney. The second repair involved putting a layer of concrete on top of the chimney to provide proper sloping so water would not linger on the concrete and find its way in. The completed work included a new saddle, roof deck repairs, and new cedar shake that was tied into the existing cedar shake, with a new top layer of concrete to re-slope the chimney cap.

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