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    Residential Flat Roof Installation in Edmonton Area

    Type of project: Residential low slope flat roof installation

    In the spring of 2016, Jayson Global heard from a St. Albert couple who were living in a home with an old, leaky roof. Alberta’s unpredictable weather had been battering the roof and those unwelcome drips were happening more frequently. To compound the problem, it was the construction season and residential roofing companies were busy.

    The couple had reached out to 11 roofing companies and none of them had even taken the time to deliver a quote. Fortunately, their next call was to Jayson Global.

    Jayson Global responded quickly and, in short order, the company did an inspection of the home’s roof and finished the job ahead of the estimate.

    “We found Jayson Global’s Peter Coscolin to be both knowledgeable and professional, and he helped us understand the process of roofing and putting on the new roof,” said Gary and Lori B., owners of the home.

    The couple was most impressed with Jayson Global’s extensive inspection as well as their explanation of what needed to be done to repair a residential roof in Alberta.

    “Mr. Coscolin was there after the install to make sure any loose ends were taken care of promptly,” they added. “This was a very costly upgrade to our home and we felt completely safe in letting Jayson Global do the roof replacement.”

    The St. Albert couple said that this is a happy story in this age of decreasing customer satisfaction and poor quality workmanship. They added that they are thrilled with the result and would highly recommend Jayson Global to new customers.

    This is a real, live testimonial provided at our request by real people who were very happy with our work!

    Location: St. Albert, AB

    Approximate area of roof: 2,200 sq. ft.

    Project Details:

    Jayson Global’s first step was to remove the tar and gravel roofing system. Then they installed a new SBS, Styrene Butadiene Styrene, low slope flat roof system. This entailed the removal of their existing BUR roof, followed by the installation of a new layer of FR board with a factory laminated SBS bitumen base sheet membrane applied to the roof area.

    Jayson Global installed new metal flashings and new plumbing vents, as well as a new ridge vent to main roof area.

    We also supplied and installed a new layer of mineral cap sheet, which was torch-applied and included all of the up-stand details. The final step was the installation of new, new pre-painted metal flashings at all perimeters.

    All of the work done by Jayson Global complied with strict manufacturer’s recommendations on material installations and is consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty program.

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