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    Hillsdale Sherwood Park, AB

    Roof System: IKO Dynasty  – In Granite Black colour

    Previous Roofing System: Asphalt Shingles

    Location: Sherwood Park, AB

    Approximate roof area: 2800 Sq Ft


    Shingles get old and lose the protective granules over time. Our client came to us to have the roof evaluated and replaced with IKO Dynasty Architectural Laminate shingles, in the colour Granite Black.

    The old shingles had begun to look like cardboard as the granules had worn off due to age and weathering, if your shingles are looking this weathered, you may want to consider getting free estimate on what we can do for your roofing needs.


    Contact Jayson Global Roofing at 780-438-0331 or estimates@jaysonglobal.com.

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    Roofing Areas Covered:

    Edmonton | Fort Saskatchewan | Leduc | Sherwood ParkSt. Albert