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    Low Slope Roof Installation

    Type of project: Residential Low Slope Roof Installation

    A 25-year-old tar and gravel roof had taken a beating on a home in Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton.

    The residential low slope roof property in Sherwood Park was suffering from extreme ice damming and had severe blisters to the roof area. The owner, Rob F., was looking at a total re-roofing job. And because of the scope of the project, it made sense to consider upgrading the property’s insulation value as the home currently featured only a fibreboard system on the main roof area.

    Built-up roofing systems (BUR) mainly break down because of improper installation. About 90 percent of all leaks occur at the flashing details, parapets or penetrations that need flashings. BUR systems mainly have a metal counter flashing, and these areas should be checked at least twice a year.

    Naturally, Rob F. wanted the roof repair completed to a high standard. “This was a significant and costly upgrade to our home and we wanted it done properly with a professional contractor who would impress us with their attention to detail.”

    Rob F. had already received four quotes from other Edmonton roofers when he met with Peter Coscolin of Jayson Global. “Peter instantly put us at ease,” noted the homeowner. “He answered all questions and thoroughly explained the process and what the final result would be. What we really appreciated was the fact that Peter took all the unease and worry away from us.”

    Peter explained that great care had to be taken near the skylight area and outer flashings, as these are common problem areas if the work is not done correctly.

    Rob F. said that from the first day to the last, Peter’s crew kept things tidy and they were very respectful of his property. His concerns about replacing the out-dated roof were fully forgotten. Before he knew it, the roof was replaced and looked better than expected.

    “We are so happy that Peter and his guys were the ultimate professionals,” Rob F. added with enthusiasm. “We are more than pleased to recommend Peter and Jayson Global.”

    This is a real, live testimonial provided at our request by real people who were very happy with our work!

    Location: Sherwood Park, AB

    Approximate area of roof: 3,400 sq. ft.

    Project Details:

    Jayson Global was hired to remove the BUR, Built Up Roofing – also known as a tar and gravel roof, and install a new SBS, Styrene Butadiene Styrene, flat roof system.

    They installed the new vapour barrier and timber for the new insulation boards. Jayson Global’s professionals installed a new layer of FR board with a factory laminated SBS bitumen base sheet membrane on the roof area.

    The crew also installed all new metal flashings and new plumbing vents. They supplied and installed a new layer of mineral cap sheet, torch applied, including all of the up-stand details.

    New pre-painted metal flashings were also installed at all perimeters.

    The low slope flat roofing system that was installed at this residential property had to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations on material installations so that it would comply with the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty program.

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