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    Roof Maintenance Program

    Jayson Global Maintenance Package in Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas

    Prevent problems before they start with a maintenance package

    Residential roofs are often overlooked because they are not a visible part of the building. We only notice problems when there is a leak; increasing the risk of damage to your house structure and interior. We encourage our residential clients to have their roof surveyed at least twice a year. Contact us to ask about our maintenance programs and we can provide you with information that is suitable for your needs.

    Water damage is serious issue for residential homes in Edmonton. Lookout for roofing leaks before they ruin your home

    Here are some example of roof leak that can damage your home

    • Attic and ceiling damage from water
    • Long term interior mold and mildew issues
    • Health concerns from mold
    • Wasted energy resulting high utility bills
    • Compromised structural integrity
    • Fire hazard from water damage

    Understanding your roof

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