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    Commercial Flat Roofing System

    Type of project: Commercial Flat Roofing System Installation

    The staff at The Filter Shop used to dread rainy or snowy days because of their leaky gravel and tar roof. After the repairs were done, they were thankful for worry free days, no matter what the weather had in store.

    Jayson Global won the Edmonton roofing job after quickly replying to The Filter Shop’s request for a quote and backing that quote up with lots of detail. Surprisingly, many Edmonton roofing companies did not even respond to the request for a quote!

    Peter Coscolin of Jayson Global then met with business owners Darrel and Dorothy and even drove the couple to past job sites to show them similar roofs Jayson Global had worked on. He also took time to explain the roof repair quote thoroughly so Darrel and Dorothy had no questions.

    When replacing The Filter Shop’s Edmonton roof, the parking lot and air conditioning units had to be taken into consideration. Darrel and Dorothy said Peter was very good at coordinating shutdowns of the air conditioning, and safely rearranging the parking.

    “We are very pleased with the completed job and look forward to worry-free rainy and snowy days,” said Darrel. “The two-year free maintenance program offered by Jayson Global shows how they stand behind their work.”

    This is a real, live testimonial provided at our request by real people who were very happy with our work!

    Location: The Filter Shop, 5711 – 103A Street, Edmonton, AB

    Approximate area of roof: 43,200 Sq Ft

    Project Details:

    Jayson Global first removed the existing BUR, Built Up Roofing.

    The next stage was the installation of a new layer of FR board, with a factory laminated SBS bitumen base sheet membrane on the roof area and the installation of all new aluminum flashings and new plumbing vents.

    Jayson Global supplied and installed a new layer of mineral cap sheet, torch applied, including all of the up-stand details.

    The Edmonton roofing company also installed the new pre-painted metal flashings at all perimeters.

    All work complied with the strict manufacturer’s recommendations on material installations to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer’s warranty program.