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    Commercial Flat Roof Replacement in Edmonton

    Type of project: Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

    A complex Edmonton roofing project was hit with a heavy snowfall before the work was completed, creating two leaks.

    Luckily, the commercial customer had selected Jayson Global as its contractor and the leaks were fixed immediately!

    The roofing job was for Karl Hager Limb & Brace, an Edmonton business requiring a new flat roof – right down to the joists. Furthermore, this was a complex project requiring work around three skylights. Despite the challenges, the managers felt comfortable with all the explanations provided by Jayson Global and their team, led by Peter Coscolin.

    Replacing a roof while the day-to-day business operations are ongoing relies on planning and good communication. Jayson Global’s staff were careful to notify the business when noisy equipment would run, so Karl Hager Limb & Brace could plan a shutdown or arrange their schedule accordingly.

    “The relationship developed between us and Jayson Global is very positive,” said Nolan H., Karl Hager Limb & Brace business manager. “We look forward to working with Peter and Jayson Global Roofing in the future with our ongoing roof maintenance and inspection package. We would certainly recommend Peter and his team to others!”

    This is a real, live testimonial provided at our request by real people who were very happy with our work!

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Approximate area of roof: 4,900 Sq Ft

    Project Details:

    The existing BUR, Built Up Roofing, and Stramit board deck needed replacing.

    Jayson Global installed a new plywood deck, a new vapour barrier and a timber parapet wall for the new insulation boards.

    The work included the installation of a new layer of FR board, with a factory laminated SBS bitumen base sheet membrane on roof area, and all new aluminum flashings and new plumbing vents.

    Jayson Global supplied and installed a new layer of mineral cap sheet, torch applied, and included all of the up-stand details. Finally, the Edmonton roofer installed new pre-painted metal flashings at all perimeters.

    All work has complied with the strict manufacturer’s recommendations on material installations to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer’s warranty program.