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    Commercial Flat Roof Installation

    Type of project: Commercial Flat Roof Installation

    Having water outlets on the roof of your business in Edmonton is essential. In the summer, the city is subjected to heavy rain, and in the spring, melting snow needs to run off. If the water does not reach those outlets, and simply sits in pools, the eventual result can be water coming into the building.

    This was the situation faced by the Edmonton head office of Brytex. The straw stramit roof deck had an EPDM system on top of it, but even so, water sat in large pools on the roof.

    Brytex contacted Edmonton roofer Jayson Global and, after a free survey of the roof with a discussion about different roofing systems, Jayson Global proposed a complete re-deck with three-quarter inch ply, and a fully adhered vapour barrier. This solution provided a good substrate for the new system. It also meant that there was a sloped package insulation system installed to add more drainage areas – this helped with the discard of water on the flat roof areas.

    Jayson Global was extremely thorough with the planning of the Brytex roofing project. The Edmonton roofing company arranged a meeting with its insulation board contacts to come up with a good slope system. At the same time, Jayson Global had to take into consideration the amount of flat roof skylights on the roof because these could potentially cause draining problems if not handled with skill and expertise.

    The slope insulation board system was installed by mechanically fastening it to the new ply deck area. Next, the skylights had to be raised high off the flat roof area, making them a minimum height of 10 inches. Jayson Global then mechanically fixed an FR board system to the insulation board.

    All parapet areas had to be raised because the insulation board at the outer edge of the roof had been raised. Jayson Global added more drainage areas to help with the discharge of water.

    The final roofing layer was a mineral cap sheet, torch applied, to the FR board with all up-stand details done in the same way.

    The flat roofing system, which was installed at this Edmonton commercial building, complied with all of the manufacturer’s recommendations on material installations to ensure that it was compatible with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty program.

    This is a real, live testimonial provided at our request by real people who were very happy with our work!

    Location: 5610 – 97 Street, Edmonton, AB

    Approximate area of roof: 23,668 Sq Ft

    Project Details:

    Jayson Global removed the existing EPDN roof and stramit board deck and installed a new wooden ply deck to the roof structure; the parapet walls were also built up in timber. New vapour barrier was introduced on top of the plywood, followed by 2.5-inch insulation boards, which were mechanically fixed to the new deck.

    The next stage was the installation of a new layer of FR board, with a factory laminated SBS bitumen base sheet membrane on the roof area and the installation of all new metal flashings and new plumbing vents. Finally, the Edmonton roofing company also supplied and installed a new layer of mineral cap sheet, torch applied, including all of the up-stand details, along with the new pre-painted metal flashings at all perimeters.