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    Commercial Roof Repair

    Keeping your roof covered

    The one area of a building that is not viewed on a day-to-day basis is the roof. But, ignoring the most important part of your building can have severe consequences. Maintaining and repairing your commercial roof is vital  – the roof is what keeps you watertight especially in some of the most severe weather conditions including snow, rain and extreme temperatures.

    To avoid disastrous consequences such as major water ingress, wind-driven rain penetration or at the worst a total ceiling collapse leading to interior damage, it is essential you familiarize yourself with a few tell-tale signs that indicate you may have a problem with your roof.

    Most of the indicators can only be found when you have access to the roof covering itself, which can be difficult due to height and inaccessibility, but here are a few indicators to watch for:

    • Water ponding on roofs will lead to premature aging of the roof covering and eventual failure through a deterioration of the cover, resulting in a water leak.
    • Anytime there is a large amount of standing water left on the roof covering, it weakens the deck.
    • Blisters within a membrane can indicate trapped moisture or gas, reducing the effectiveness of the waterproofing membrane and leading to a reduced lifespan or eventual failure.
    • Flashings, which are installed around the perimeter of roof edges and where the membrane meets the wall, are very susceptible, especially if they are not installed correctly.
    • All joints, seams, and edge details should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are not breaking away or failing as this will also lead to water ingress.
    • A roof covering that has suffered tears or cracks can lead to further issues.

    Roof Maintenance: What to consider

    • Choose a company that offers roof maintenance and roof repair plans.
    • If severe weather conditions have recently been encountered, such as heavy snow, severe rain, and storms, it is always wise to have your roof inspected to repair storm damage and avoid eventual water ingress.
    • Debris and vegetation should be removed as these can lead to further deterioration of the covering. This should also include drains and gutters.
    • Flashings, parapet walls, soil vents, and goosenecks should all be reviewed on a periodic basis and be repaired or maintained.


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