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    Roofs of Hope

    Sometimes, life can toss you curveballs. Maybe your home has suffered significant damage due to a fire or hailstorm, and the insurance payout wasn’t enough to get the roof fixed. Or maybe a job loss has meant that basic necessities like food and clothing are higher priorities than the up keep of your homes’ exterior.

    “Roofs of Hope” started when president, Jonathan Bunce, saw a need within the community. In 2015, Jayson Global donated all the roofing supplies and labour to fix the roofs at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. This year, we are opening this opportunity up to you.

    Jayson Global will give you or someone you know the opportunity to receive a free residential roof and installation. We’ll be asking for applicants to send us their story and home information. Four semi-finalists will be selected and then the public will vote for two recipients who will receive a new installed roof.

    The program will be opening very soon. Please provide your name and email below so you can be the first to be notified.

    We look forward to this initiative and investing back into our community.

    Jonathan Bunce
    Jayson Global – a roof above the rest.