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    Eavestroughs & Downpipes – The overlooked roof components

    It rains 15 milliliters on your roof.  Doesn’t sound like too much, right?  But when you consider the average roof size, that could add up to over 7000 liters of water.  7000 liters of relentless… Read more »

    Brick, Block and Stone Specialists

    Jayson Global has gained much experience over the years within the construction industry.  We continue to expand our service offerings allowing us to install more and more scopes of the building envelope.  Our newest and… Read more »

    Life-Time Limited Warranties – What are we talking about?

    When you hear the phase, “life-time limited warranty” what comes to mind?  If you’re like a lot of homeowners you may think this must indicate that the product will last a person’s lifetime or the… Read more »

    How to choose the right roofing contractor.  7 Key Tips!

    Most of us have heard either stories from our friends or the media of a bad contractor.  Whether they didn’t complete the work, didn’t do it right, impossible to contact afterwards, ask for money up… Read more »

    What can endure Hail? Class 4 Impact Resistance

    Are class 4 shingles worth it? As the temperature rises and spring is now upon us, soon summer will come and with warmer weather brings the annual season of potential hail storms. These storms have… Read more »

    James Hardie Siding Products

    Consider James Hardie Siding Products for Your Next Exterior Project If you’re building a new home, commercial property or renovating the exterior of an existing building, you may want to consider an alternative to the… Read more »

    Roof leak or condensation: Knowing the difference

    What is condensation? Albertans know that our weather is never predictable. Rain or snow can lead to water leak issues that are not always easy to identify. Surprisingly—especially during the winter months—is that the majority… Read more »

    How to choose a roofing contractor

    Reviewing a Review: Looking beyond the words When it comes to selecting a roofing company for hire, many people turn to the feedback of others. Word of mouth, testimonials and online reviews can provide valuable… Read more »

    Roofing Manufacturer Certifications

    Find A Trusted & Recommended Roofing Contractor You wouldn’t trust your health to a doctor who does not have the proper education, so why would you trust your largest asset to a contractor that does… Read more »

    Jayson Global Receives GAF Training Excellence Award

    As part of Jayson Global’s commitment to industry education and training, we have received GAF’s Master Elite Training Excellence Award for having at least ten employees attend educational seminars through the Center for the Advancement… Read more »